High Quality Cookware Is What The World Needs!

Christmas is behind us, but I don’t like last minute purchases. Invariably somebody gets forgotten. In any event, we sold old motorcycle last week, so I am left with some money to splurge. If the money remains in my hand, it will be wasted. But I could buy some things such as cookware, which always come handy.

The Perfect High Quality Cookware Purchase

High quality cookware is one of the most important assets in my kitchen. If it’s low quality and defective, cooking will not be efficient. Great cookware means keeping the kitchen shining and stainless, a classy appearance that should welcome every visitor into the shelves the kitchen.

I am going through these kitchen cookware set reviews so that I can find one or two good sets. Nowadays, the choice seems to be between stainless steel varieties and non-stick varieties. In our times, we had many other types like we used earthen pots, copper pots, brass pots, aluminum pots, and iron pots. But now, the battle is confined between nonstick and stainless steel.

Alternative Types Of Cookware

Of course there are more varieties under each of these categories. There is brushed stainless steel cookware which looks good. Some have copper bottom, and yet others may have core layer covered with stainless steel. Indeed there is more variety than what was available in the past, but still it appears the choice is only between stainless steel cookware and nonstick cookware.

While I’m trying to save on my pots and pans, I always consider shopping for cookware sets. The Cuisinart 77-10 Chef’s Classic Stainless 10-piece cookware set is one of my favorite sets. This set of pots and pans comes with stainless bases allowing effective conduction of the heat from my stove. When I’m cooking for longer times, the riveted handles do not heat up, allowing me to hold my pots at ease.

That’s not all, another of my favorite sets is the T-fal E918SC. My friend recently ordered this set from Amazon and what I have come to like about it, is the non-stick surface that saves oil while you cook. Interestingly, this set features a unique thermo spot heat indicator allowing for regulated heat to the pan. What I love about the technology of this pan is that whenever we are preparing pan cakes and pies, the middle part does not burn up unlike many other brands of pans.

My Cookware Preferences

I always like to have a deep frying pan around and the Nonstick Jumbo Cooker has always saved my days. The price pushed me towards buying this pan and I couldn’t help to notice it’s 2 layer interior which has kept my frying for 7 months now without facing any scratches. I can wash it on my dishwasher together with other metallic utensils saving lots of time especially when I’m in a hurry. There’s plenty of durable pans and pots to choose from but what I love the most about my sets is their unique features and the materials that make them live longer on my kitchen shelves.

I like the idea of buying anodized set though. It is somewhere between the two, i.e., it works like nonstick cookware so oil consumption would be low. And yet, it does not have any harmful compounds lining it.

My Favorite Set Of Cookware

Among the listed cookware, I liked Circulon’s Infinite (Hard Anodized) set of 10 pieces. It consists of 2 skillets, i.e., on of 8 inches, and another of 10 inches. Likewise, it includes a 2 saucepans, one of 1.5 quart, and another of 2 quarts. In addition to these, there is a stock pot of 8 quarts and a saute pan of 3 quarts. Except the skillets, all other pots and pans have lids. I think the set would be perfect for any newly weds. The lids have a handle to lift them up, but there is no plastic on that! Would it not be too hot? Even the handles are metallic. I am not sure that will not lead to some accidents.

14 Piece Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Cookware Set

Perhaps the 14 pieces Rachael Ray hard anodized cookware set is better. This set includes three sauce pans, i.e, 1 quart, 2 quart, and 3 quart. A 4 quart sauce pot has been added to the set, which includes 3 quart saute pan. The stockpot in this set has a capacity of 6 quarts. There are two skillets as well, one of which is of 10 inches, and the other of of 8.5 inches. The best thing about this set in comparison to Circulon’s set is that handles are covered by plastic.

I will go through some more of these cookware options, prepare a list as per my choice and then bargain at the shop to the get the best deal.

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